the minimalist b/w self portraits of noell oszvald

Noell Oszvald is a 25-year-old visual artist from Budapest, Hungary. “I’m not a photographer,” she says, but she does use a camera to create her art. Among her recent works is a series of striking self-portrait photos. Each one is a surreal piece that focuses on black-and-white minimalism.

Oszvald focuses on playing with lines, horizons, poses, and contrasts to create abstract, “perfectly balanced” scenes. The images themselves may be stark and minimalist, but the process is a little more complicated.

“Most of [my self-portraits] are composites that only give the illusion of being photographs,” Oszvald says in an interview with Lines magazine. “I usually don’t pre-visualize my images; they’re spontaneous. If I have a specific idea in mind I draw sketches that help me perfect the concept before taking the photos I’ll use later on.”

“I find post-processing the most enjoyable part of creating,” she continues. “I build my pictures up from several different ones, much like a jigsaw puzzle.”


Photographs by Noell Oszvald