happy valentine's to all!

i had no second thoughts as to what to post on a day like this, in order to wish you all the very best in your love life!
here is a couple that inspires me, a couple that has proved what love is, a couple i long to photograph again in their new life chapter, in new york and miami.

i love you guys.

i can't wait to hear you calling me 'kiddo' again dearest greg,
and jeannine, i will carry your love advice for years:
'never go to bed angry with each other'

so, all in all, happy valentine's day to all, and make sure you never go to bed angry with your loved one wink emoticon xxxx

p.s. what i love about this pic besides jeannine's 'full of love' eyes, and greg's sweetest peck on her forehead, is the young couple on the bottom right hand corner, which, for a dreamer like me, could be the reflection of them, in earlier years