Portraiture has always inspired me, it nurtures me, it is a field of photography that goes beyond art.

 A building, a chair, a mountain, will never get sad, reluctant, shy, mad, scared.

A person facing a camera, while having his portrait taken, can.

Through the face, through the eyes, the hands, the posture,

character and feelings flow all around the place.

To protect this sense of exposure, to respect the sitter's personality, to connect and interact with people

through this almost silent process, is a precious thing, it is almost healing.

It's what makes portraiture such a great challenge.

My ultimate need, however, is beauty. To find beauty. Human beauty, especially the one coming from within.

And to hand it to you, so you see it for yourself. So that it stays with you as a constant reminder.

For that, i am grateful. For strangers trusting me to show them how unique they are.